How I wish to be a Kardashian…..or Jenner.

First of all…who cares if your dad turned into a woman?! 

With the life they have, I wouldn’t mind at all (also, I’m totally not against it, do what makes you happy)

So, I am obsessed with the Kardashian’s and the Jenner’s, well their lifestyle mainly. They live so glamorously and have the life many people think about “if they won the lottery”

Imagine waking up in the morning and not having to check your bank account to see how much money you had left after paying off a direct debit which was late because your always skint? 

Imagine being able to go out and buy those shoes πŸ‘  or that beautiful dress πŸ‘— that you have no event to wear it for, but you just can. Well, with that lifestyle you would have tons of events!

Now I’m not saying these girls don’t work for their money because they sure do, all the photo shoots, meet and greets, signings, charity events, shops, merch, interviews, promoting and so much more…of course, it’s not the kind of 9-5 basic office or retail job but it’s defiantly a lot more work.

For those who live the ultimate wealthy lifestyle, everyday is different, new places to travel to, new opportunities always popping up, BEING YOUR OWN BOSS!!!

Can you imagine waking up and picking what hours you want to do? What time you want a lunch, how many breaks you can have?!?!

I’m always sit there and think “what can I do…to become financially independent and comfortable”

There are so many options…I’ve looked into a job change, getting a second job or doing something so completely new and just going with the flow but…nothing seems to work out for me.

I’m not saying I’m trying to get filthy rich πŸ€‘ (although I wouldn’t mind a bank balance of Β£20,000,000, who wouldn’t?)

But, I would love to wake up and not worry about how I’m going to get through the rest of the month, how am I ever going to move out? How am I ever going to afford a car? All these things would be completely void with a few extra quid in my pocket.

I would also give my parents and family money to treat/support/help them (typical I know) but…my family have done so much for me I’d love to try and pay them back! Help them financially, because even though money isn’t everything, everyone is trying to find a way to save those pennies for whatever the future holds.

I would treat myself to the most prestigious beauty and fashion items. Heck…I’d even get liposuction and a personal trainer! I’d get a boob job and lift!

If I can…why not?!

I’d never stress ever again over money πŸ’° 

I’d take all my friends and family on the nicest, most luxurious holiday money can buy and spend weeks there at a time. 

Honestly, I know this post has literally just been “what I would do if I was rich” but I love expressing this!

I love talking about what i would do if I can endless amounts of money and I love hearing what other people would do to!

So….if you have ever dreamt of winning or having tons of money, let me know…what would you do?! What would you buy?!

Would you spend loads of the money or just use what you need and save the rest?! I’m so curious, so…close your eyes for a moment and pretend you’re in your favourite shop tell me, what are you buying? Is there something you’ve always wanted but never could afford? Tell me in the comments I’d love to know!

Sorry for the really unorganised post, I’ve just been thinking a lot about money lately so…I feel like a big discussion will help lol.

Thanks for reading! I’ll be typing again soon.

Bye lol xx


Nerves, Revision &Tests πŸ˜³πŸ˜³

So, a few weeks ago I booked my theory test. I don’t know about other countries, but in the UK in order to be able to do your practical driving test you have to first sit and pass a theory test, making sure you know all about road signs, crossings, markings, hazards etc etc. So, I had been revising as and when I could (which was only a little bit a few days out the week) anyway…my theory was coming up and I didn’t know hardly anything!! I downloaded some apps on my iPad to revise with, I got 4 apps (theory, hazard perception, Highway Code, road signs) for Β£4.99!! Bargain right??………wrong.

The app had no way to help revise, it just kept giving you mock tests, nothing to read and revise from! So as it got closer to my test day…I was panicking!! 

2 days before my test my brother recommended the ‘Offical DVSA theory test revision’ app.

Well….all I could was ‘I wish I downloaded this sooner’ it was brilliant. I was able to read about each section then taking a test on that section at the end! But with having to learn everything and practice hazard perception in just 2 days was stressing me out to the MAX!!!

So, the first day I got it I sat down, took notes and revised for about 3 hours, before going to bed. I knew I had to get up early the next day to make sure I knew it all!

Tuesday 31st Jan

I woke up….quickly realised as well as making sure I revised everything for my test I had to go out and grab things from a few shops. So the second I got home, which was about 2:15ish…I went straight into my room and revised EVERYTHING I COULD! I took about 3 breaks and before I realised it, it was 10pm, I started panicing because I still wasn’t finished and I knew I had to be up early the next day for the test!!

I knew my weakest point was the hazard perception (a series of video clips where you are in the driving seat and as soon as you see a hazard you click the mouse) and I had all the confidence in the world I would fail.

After cramming in as much as I could, I went to bed a very nervous, anxious human 😫

Sooooooo, 1st Feb…you arrived and so quickly. I woke up at 5:50am, making sure I was giving myself plenty of time to get ready, so I could stay calm. I got my things together and went to the test centre. I turned up, not having a clue where to go! So…I finally find the room, I walk in and behind the desk is an old man, deffo in his 70’s at least, grey hair, glasses..real typical old man look. He gave me a laminated sheet which had all the rules on, about what you can and can’t take into the testing room. Once I read that he asked each of us up one by one, there was only about 7/8 of us there. 

At this point I could tell this old man was a right moody one. Very grumpy 😑 

He had a tone to his voice which sounded low, bored and never changed, it was literally the same tone and everything, it was like he was a machine running out of batteries πŸ˜‚

I was second from last when he eventually called me up, I got there, signed in to take the test, got my locker key and while I was there, it was very obvious this little old man was bored and probably lonely.

 He noticed I was left handed and told me about how when he was younger and in school, the nuns wouldn’t allow him to write with his left hand, so they would tie his left arm behind the chair with rope and forced him to write with his left ☹️☹️

He said that he wasn’t the most behaved child in school so if they tied his arm behind him, he would refuse to do any school work πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ sounds a bit like me at school (except I never had my arm tied behind my back) 

Anyyyyyywayyyyyy, getting off topic here. After speaking to old man, I went and put my stuff in a locker, went and got assigned to a computer, proved I didn’t have any cheat sheets or notes with me and then went and sat down…and started the test.

I got asked 50 multiple choice questions and had 57 minutes to answer them! As I was going through the questions and realised I knew a lot of the answers I became more and more confident, but at the end of the test I knew the hazard perception was next and I knew….I just knew that would be the thing to fail me!!

So…I put on the headphones 🎧 watched the video clips and made sure I was super focused!

They give you an hour for the test but as soon as you are done you can go. It took me about 35/40 minutes to do the test. I got up, left the room and signed out with the woman at the front of the room, she then told me “thank you, just go over to the desk to collect your results’ 

CONFIDENT ABOUT MY FAIL that when he gave me the piece of paper, I didn’t want to have to put on a grave face in front of him.

The paper was folded so that you could only see my name as the top and lifting it down was so nerve wracking for me.

I got out the room, pulled the paper down and there it was….

It says

“Congratulations! You’ve PASSED the car theory test” 




I rang my mum right away and I was so excited! 

The relief of never having to do that again was great!

Now all that left to do is, keep going with my driving lessons, and pass my driving test!!

I cannot wait to get on the roads and get me a  car πŸš— broom broom 😁😁😁

Insurance is going to be sky high so, better get saving!!

Anyway, I’m off to have a nice hot bath and relax! 

I shall be typing again soon!! 

Bye lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜

S’watch this πŸ‘€πŸ’„

So yesterday I posted my ‘Kylie Jenner’ lips. I was pleased with the response I’ve had to it so I’ve done some swatches of my fave products for winter! This includes my fave eyeshadows, highlighter and lippies. So let’s get started 😁😁
First off I’ll start with my eyeshadow palette, which was only Β£4 from Superdrug!!!!! Absolute bargain! It’s the revolution ‘Redemption palette essential shimmers’ and let me tell you, it’s beautiful! The pigmentation is great and the colour pay off is soooo pretty! The colours don’t have names so, unfortunately I cannot tell you which one is which, although I have numbered them going left to right so first colour is no.1 second is no.2 and so on.

Top to bottom; no.6, no.7, no.11, no.10, no.4.

They are such beautiful wintery colours, I love using the Gold (no.6) all over my lid with the copper (no.11) in the crease and then the purplish colour (no.10) in the outer corners and slightly on my lower lash line. It looks super pretty and wintery.

Now…my next swatch is probably my fave and the photo probably doesn’t do it any justice but it’s soooooo beautiful! It’s the Inglot sparkling dust highlighter and it literally makes me sooo happy! I used it in my last post to highlight my Cupid’s bow and I can’t get over how beautiful it is!

Like, wow!! I use this for all highlighting, on the brow bone, cheek bone, Cupid’s bow, on my nose, I just cannot get over how pretty it is! 😍😍😍

I also cannot wait to use this in the summer, when the light catches it, it give such a beautiful glow!! It has to be my fave products ever!!!!

Now I move onto Lip products, I always find my fave and just stick with it, but this winter, I’ve found 3 stunning colours that I love!

Top colour is again, what I used in yesterday’s post, ‘Inglot liquid lip tint matte’ in shade 32. This lipstick is hands down my favourite, once it’s on and dried, it says in place for hours!! I wear this one to work most days because I never have to worry about it rubbing off, I can eat my lunch, have drinks and it just stays in place. The only one problem I have with it and it’s not even the lipstick itself, sometimes my lips can get very dry in this cold weather, so it can start to look flaky towards the end of the day.

The next lipstick on there is the Giorgio Armani ‘Lip Maestro’ in the shade 400. It’s another liquid lipstick except this isn’t fully matte, it dries but leaves a glossy look and even though it doesn’t stay in place as much as the Inglot one, it stains so when it does start to rub off it doesn’t look too bad because the red is still on the lips. Well…that’s all fine until you actually want to take it off πŸ˜‚. But it’s a beautiful red none the less πŸ’„πŸ’‹

The third colour is ‘Brave’ by MAC. This is a satin lipstick, so the staying power isn’t as strong but the colour is so pretty and simple. It works so well for those looks where there is a going on with the eyes so the lips needs something simple. I looks a lot bolder on the picture but it’s defiantly more of a nude in real life with only a hint of pink. I love this colour and the way it feels on the lips, it’s creamy and makes my lips feel so soft! Highly recommend this one for everyday wear too! πŸ‘„

So my lovelies! That is what I have for you today, if you enjoyed this please like and to see more posts follow my blog and you’ll be first to see new posts!

I will also be getting back into my YouTube videos soon, so I can’t wait to get those going and share those too!

But thank you for taking the time to read…and I will be typing again soon, bye lol x

Hello hello hello!!

It’s just gone 10pm I’m round my sisters house babysitting, while watching through the keyhole…good ol’ Keith lemon πŸ˜‚ I’ve started blogs so many times and never enjoyed my posts or what I’ve got to write about, but I have so many ideas and I’ve always wanted a diary but…I like the idea of sharing my diaries so…here you go πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

First of all I will start by explaining my blog being called “lolatlola” is because so many things happen it has literally got to a point where it’s like “only that could happen to you” and my life can be a right comedy sketch at some points, so strap in people….your in a for a treat here!

As I am new to this you will have to be patient with me while I learn all the ropes πŸ™‚ so if you have any tips or tricks…please let me know!

I’m a very open and honest person, I like to talk about my life and talk about things I’ve done good and bad. I love asking for advice and getting people’s opinions (where it counts obviously) ☺️

I have one thing I’m desperate to write about at the moment! 

After my horrendous relationship last year (which you’ll know more about as time goes on) I broke up with my ex in September and for a few months I have been living the ultimate wild single party life! I have been going to a bar every tuesday, clubbing on a Wednesday, clubbing or pub on a Friday and Saturday! Although, I have calmed down over the past few weeks, I have things I want to achieve this year but can’t do that if I’m wasting all my money on alcohol, even though it’s been great fun πŸ˜‚πŸ·

On my Christmas work do on December 17th, I was at a travelodge getting ready for a massive messy night with the work lot, I was in my room with my colleague and while we were getting ready my manager turned up with my other colleague and one of his friends from outside of work. We all finished getting ready together and off out we went!

We started off at the slug and lettuce buying loads of rounds and getting very merry! I got chatting away with my managers friend (let’s call him Gary) Gary seemed like a very down to earth person, very much on my level, liked a lot of things I do, was funny and to top it off…. very good looking πŸ˜‰πŸ˜

We’ll skipping forward past the numerous drinks, cuddles on the dance floor and all the talking, Gary came back to my hotel room and we spent the night together πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

Gary had plans for the next day so he had to leave early, I’ve had some one night stands before so I was expecting Gary to be the same but he took my number and and after he told me about himself I quickly learnt that he was a true gentleman. 

We spoke all week and arranged to meet up the following weekend and he took me out for dinner and so we could have our own space, he booked another room at the travelodge and I had probably the best date ever!! 

We have text every day and met up a couple times since. We’ve talked so much about our lives and I feel like I already know so much about him, he’s so positive considering some of the things he has had to deal with and having that positivity in my life already has changed my mood and outlook on life.

He’s such a sweet guy and even though I haven’t been single for very long, I know I like him a lot…he’s just such a good person and that’s so nice and refreshing for me.

I have tomorrow off of work so I’m going to be heading to him and after he has finished work we are going to go for a late lunch, drinks and I am honestly so excited to see him again. 

When I do see him it’s kind of like that teenage, nervous, excited feeling. Those butterflies in your belly where you feel a little bit awkward, not the bad awkward…the excited feeling you get but don’t want to show too much excitement? That! 😁 

So yeah, I am looking forward to writing more blog posts now that I have so much positivity to write about…obviously, there are some things in my life that aren’t so great, just like everyone but I know I will get through it and I know in the end everything will be okay☺️

For those who read this post, thank you and big hugs to you πŸ€—πŸ€— 

Please leave a comment or whatever and if you have any questions, please ask!! I love answering questions 😊

I don’t really know how to sign off a blog post so…I guess I’ll type soon! Bye lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Basically, Kylie Jenner πŸ‘„ πŸ‘„Β 

So like tons of other girls across the world I am obsessed with Kylie Jenner and her lips! The envy is real, the fear of needles and lack of funds is also real as I am well aware she pays for lip fillers which I could never just afford unless I saved! 

So being the makeup freak I am, I went to my lip collection and found different products to mimic Kylie’s big, plump lips.

I looked online to find which colours/tones she used and adapted that to my own skin tone (I’m so pale if I used the shades Kylie does I would look seriously ill) But the version I’ve created also looks amazing on my darker toned friends! 

So, along with pictures in poor lighting, here’s what I do!!

I first start off by using my favourite lip scrub which is the ‘Bubblegum lip scrub’ by Lush.


After scrubbing my lips I then use ‘Inglot sparkling dust’ in the shade 01 on by Cupid’s bow. Highlight is used to make areas appear bigger than they are supposed to. I used to jeans method, white jeans make you look bigger and black jeans make you look slimmer. Same rule applies with highlighter.

After I’ve done that and look like a crazy person (it does look better once the lips are fully done, I promise) I then use the ‘Soar’ lip liner pencil by M.A.C

The lip liner is the part that is going to give you the fuller lip effect, so I always overline my lips. One thing I’ve learnt is that most people’s bottom lip is bigger than the top, if you have a small bottom lip too, then just play around to figure out how to over line the bottom lip without it looking crazy. I never over line the Cupid’s bow because I feel that would look way too obvious and I don’t want it to be noticed that my lips are over lined.

Lil tip. I cross the liner over on my top lip to make sure the Cupid’s bow is even

Now I used my favourite lip colour at the moment which is number 32 from the Liquid tint range from Inglot, although it’s deffo a full on liquid lipstick!

I apologise for looking creepy in this was late at night
And that my lovelies is how I achieve bigger, fuller, kylie jenner lips. The lip liner is probably the hardest part to grasp so if your not a massive makeup user then it may take a little longer to perfect that, but take it slow.

I have so many more makeup posts I want to share, I have some beautiful powders and eye shadows I’m desperate to swatch and picture, so I will be doing that soon!

In the mean while, check out for more posts and read my previous one if you fancy it. Feel free to follow me too if you like, I post things about how terrible I am at adulting and all the hilarious things that seem to happen to only me and many other things, relating to my love for makeup and beauty! 

I shall be typing away soon, lol πŸ‘„πŸ˜—πŸ˜‚