How I wish to be a Kardashian…..or Jenner.

First of all…who cares if your dad turned into a woman?! 

With the life they have, I wouldn’t mind at all (also, I’m totally not against it, do what makes you happy)

So, I am obsessed with the Kardashian’s and the Jenner’s, well their lifestyle mainly. They live so glamorously and have the life many people think about “if they won the lottery”

Imagine waking up in the morning and not having to check your bank account to see how much money you had left after paying off a direct debit which was late because your always skint? 

Imagine being able to go out and buy those shoes 👠 or that beautiful dress 👗 that you have no event to wear it for, but you just can. Well, with that lifestyle you would have tons of events!

Now I’m not saying these girls don’t work for their money because they sure do, all the photo shoots, meet and greets, signings, charity events, shops, merch, interviews, promoting and so much more…of course, it’s not the kind of 9-5 basic office or retail job but it’s defiantly a lot more work.

For those who live the ultimate wealthy lifestyle, everyday is different, new places to travel to, new opportunities always popping up, BEING YOUR OWN BOSS!!!

Can you imagine waking up and picking what hours you want to do? What time you want a lunch, how many breaks you can have?!?!

I’m always sit there and think “what can I do…to become financially independent and comfortable”

There are so many options…I’ve looked into a job change, getting a second job or doing something so completely new and just going with the flow but…nothing seems to work out for me.

I’m not saying I’m trying to get filthy rich 🤑 (although I wouldn’t mind a bank balance of £20,000,000, who wouldn’t?)

But, I would love to wake up and not worry about how I’m going to get through the rest of the month, how am I ever going to move out? How am I ever going to afford a car? All these things would be completely void with a few extra quid in my pocket.

I would also give my parents and family money to treat/support/help them (typical I know) but…my family have done so much for me I’d love to try and pay them back! Help them financially, because even though money isn’t everything, everyone is trying to find a way to save those pennies for whatever the future holds.

I would treat myself to the most prestigious beauty and fashion items. Heck…I’d even get liposuction and a personal trainer! I’d get a boob job and lift!

If I can…why not?!

I’d never stress ever again over money 💰 

I’d take all my friends and family on the nicest, most luxurious holiday money can buy and spend weeks there at a time. 

Honestly, I know this post has literally just been “what I would do if I was rich” but I love expressing this!

I love talking about what i would do if I can endless amounts of money and I love hearing what other people would do to!

So….if you have ever dreamt of winning or having tons of money, let me know…what would you do?! What would you buy?!

Would you spend loads of the money or just use what you need and save the rest?! I’m so curious, so…close your eyes for a moment and pretend you’re in your favourite shop tell me, what are you buying? Is there something you’ve always wanted but never could afford? Tell me in the comments I’d love to know!

Sorry for the really unorganised post, I’ve just been thinking a lot about money lately so…I feel like a big discussion will help lol.

Thanks for reading! I’ll be typing again soon.

Bye lol xx


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