Nerves, Revision &Tests đŸ˜ŗđŸ˜ŗ

So, a few weeks ago I booked my theory test. I don’t know about other countries, but in the UK in order to be able to do your practical driving test you have to first sit and pass a theory test, making sure you know all about road signs, crossings, markings, hazards etc etc. So, I had been revising as and when I could (which was only a little bit a few days out the week) anyway…my theory was coming up and I didn’t know hardly anything!! I downloaded some apps on my iPad to revise with, I got 4 apps (theory, hazard perception, Highway Code, road signs) for ÂŖ4.99!! Bargain right??………wrong.

The app had no way to help revise, it just kept giving you mock tests, nothing to read and revise from! So as it got closer to my test day…I was panicking!! 

2 days before my test my brother recommended the ‘Offical DVSA theory test revision’ app.

Well….all I could was ‘I wish I downloaded this sooner’ it was brilliant. I was able to read about each section then taking a test on that section at the end! But with having to learn everything and practice hazard perception in just 2 days was stressing me out to the MAX!!!

So, the first day I got it I sat down, took notes and revised for about 3 hours, before going to bed. I knew I had to get up early the next day to make sure I knew it all!

Tuesday 31st Jan

I woke up….quickly realised as well as making sure I revised everything for my test I had to go out and grab things from a few shops. So the second I got home, which was about 2:15ish…I went straight into my room and revised EVERYTHING I COULD! I took about 3 breaks and before I realised it, it was 10pm, I started panicing because I still wasn’t finished and I knew I had to be up early the next day for the test!!

I knew my weakest point was the hazard perception (a series of video clips where you are in the driving seat and as soon as you see a hazard you click the mouse) and I had all the confidence in the world I would fail.

After cramming in as much as I could, I went to bed a very nervous, anxious human đŸ˜Ģ

Sooooooo, 1st Feb…you arrived and so quickly. I woke up at 5:50am, making sure I was giving myself plenty of time to get ready, so I could stay calm. I got my things together and went to the test centre. I turned up, not having a clue where to go! So…I finally find the room, I walk in and behind the desk is an old man, deffo in his 70’s at least, grey hair, glasses..real typical old man look. He gave me a laminated sheet which had all the rules on, about what you can and can’t take into the testing room. Once I read that he asked each of us up one by one, there was only about 7/8 of us there. 

At this point I could tell this old man was a right moody one. Very grumpy 😡 

He had a tone to his voice which sounded low, bored and never changed, it was literally the same tone and everything, it was like he was a machine running out of batteries 😂

I was second from last when he eventually called me up, I got there, signed in to take the test, got my locker key and while I was there, it was very obvious this little old man was bored and probably lonely.

 He noticed I was left handed and told me about how when he was younger and in school, the nuns wouldn’t allow him to write with his left hand, so they would tie his left arm behind the chair with rope and forced him to write with his left ☚ī¸â˜šī¸

He said that he wasn’t the most behaved child in school so if they tied his arm behind him, he would refuse to do any school work 😂😂 sounds a bit like me at school (except I never had my arm tied behind my back) 

Anyyyyyywayyyyyy, getting off topic here. After speaking to old man, I went and put my stuff in a locker, went and got assigned to a computer, proved I didn’t have any cheat sheets or notes with me and then went and sat down…and started the test.

I got asked 50 multiple choice questions and had 57 minutes to answer them! As I was going through the questions and realised I knew a lot of the answers I became more and more confident, but at the end of the test I knew the hazard perception was next and I knew….I just knew that would be the thing to fail me!!

So…I put on the headphones 🎧 watched the video clips and made sure I was super focused!

They give you an hour for the test but as soon as you are done you can go. It took me about 35/40 minutes to do the test. I got up, left the room and signed out with the woman at the front of the room, she then told me “thank you, just go over to the desk to collect your results’ 

CONFIDENT ABOUT MY FAIL that when he gave me the piece of paper, I didn’t want to have to put on a grave face in front of him.

The paper was folded so that you could only see my name as the top and lifting it down was so nerve wracking for me.

I got out the room, pulled the paper down and there it was….

It says

“Congratulations! You’ve PASSED the car theory test” 




I rang my mum right away and I was so excited! 

The relief of never having to do that again was great!

Now all that left to do is, keep going with my driving lessons, and pass my driving test!!

I cannot wait to get on the roads and get me a  car 🚗 broom broom 😁😁😁

Insurance is going to be sky high so, better get saving!!

Anyway, I’m off to have a nice hot bath and relax! 

I shall be typing again soon!! 

Bye lol 😂😘